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The North County Woodworking Club is dedicated to sharing information, knowledge and techniques of woodworking processes for the benefit of all skill levels of woodworkers.

Approved Vendors

The following vendors offer special discounts to North County Woodworking Club members. Members should frequent these vendors whe. From time to time you may see one of their representatives at our meetings.


Veneer Suppliers

These sources are listed randomly and the addresses are not included purposely. Some suppliers listed only sell in large quantities. Check first. Some sell veneered panels only. Some will veneer panels for you.

Molding Jig Handout

This jig offers a great opportunity to use shop scraps (particularly left over sheet goods). Although a measured drawing is attached, you can make dimensional changes without affecting the end use of the jig.

Our Resources

Crushgrind Shafted Peppermills

These mechanisms were designed to be pressed in to blanks that are precisely milled for the mechanism. The pieces have fins to prevent rotation and tabs to stop the mechanism from being pulled or pushed out.

Construct the Christmas Jewelry Box

When clamping, be sure to add waxed paper between clamp and box.Clearly shows the short side seated in the end rabet and the rabet into which the bottom will sit.

Strengthen Mitered Corners

Mitered corner boxes are joined end grain to end grain so the joints are not the strongest. This is particularly true when using thinner stock.

Meeting Location

The third Thursday each month except November and December. Time: 7 pm, doors open at 6:30 pm. Refreshments provided by our valued junk removal partner who helps us dispose of all of our scraps. 


Certainly our club is filled with expert woodworkers. Rest assured that most any of them would try to assist you with problems, or would try to direct you to someone who could assist with your question.


The membership year is from January to December. New members should print and complete the following form and submit it with your membership fees.

Links to Other Clubs and Organizations

The club meetings usually feature a speaker that is either a member or a guest and include all sorts of topics, including where to get supplies or your wood letters from for projects. Even talks about casters and photographing your work Plus, every meeting includes lots of goodies and coffee! We'd be pleased to have you join us!

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