Easy Carving Projects For Anyone

Building something out of nothing is the most productive hobby there is. You can create anything you want and be proud of your accomplishment. It is also an amazing way to decorate when under a tight budget. But what sets us up for failure is aiming too bit. When we start off with the largest project there is, we tend to fail. It is ideal to begin small and climb your way up from there.


Here are some wood carving projects that you may begin as a starter. They have easy-to-follow steps for your convenience.

Wooden spoon

A spoon would be the easiest thing that you could make as a beginner. You may create them for yourself or you may even sell them. This is ideal when starting off. This will make you get accustomed to the wood carving techniques. Get woods like apple, black walnut, or maple. The tools you would need are a pencil, ax, carving knives that have been sharpened,  and sandpapers.



This cute carving can be completed in under half an hour. You may even gift these to your friends or your loved one as a cute gift. The kinds of wood you would need are cedar, aspen, balsa wood, or pine. Make sure that you have 220 grit sandpaper, olive oil, whittling knives, and a big chunk of wood.


If you are pushing yourself, you may finish creating this piece of art in 5 minutes. You can create any character you like and it is a great beginner-friendly wood carving activity. You will require paintbrushes, olive oil, a pencil as a market and a wood stick.

Whisky barrel

This is another fun project that can be finished in under an hour. The various kinds of required woods are pine, basswood, or birch. You would require 400 grit sandpaper, a pencil, whittling knives, and a chunk of wood.


Imagine impressing the love of your life with a wooden flower that you have made all out of your effort. It would be done in under half an hour and you would be left with a three-dimensional flower that would last a lifetime.

Carve an owl

This one is a cute addition to your décor. You can carve out the feathers and give them the superpowers that you want them to have. You may even gift it to your child.


It is a wonderful experience to create a wood carving from scratch and gift it to your friends and family. In no time, you may promote yourself to making something more extraordinary, that is unique to you.